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The interplay between the psycho-physical features of the place is the palimpsest on which to apply the commands of interweaving procedures resulting in the building as a dynamic device for a re-territorialization: our architecture absorbs the essence of the place to generate a “fatal attraction”.

Since 2009, Disguincio&co. is an architecture and product design firm based in Pordenone-Italy.

Contemporary scenarios of hybridization give reason to continuous redefinitions of the relationship between information and matter. Our clients, such as HDRA, this tree service, and of course Nederland Museums are all known for their innovation and our work has helped strengthen their marketing.

Our work is characterized by a philosophy of design in which materials are active participants in the genesis of form. Materials as flesh: an intricate system that gives the possibility to perceive the “external” world and than to compose a vision about it: design as synthesis of thought and action, design as tool to discover the horizon of new knowledge.

disguincio&co srl
viale aquileia, 42
33170 pn italy

T +39 0434 27027
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Mirko Daneluzzo[Cv]

Michele Daneluzzo, Alberto Corona, Martina Lettig

past_Patrizia D'Olivo, Elena Ceolin

visuals: telegram71
photography by Elia Falaschi

sensitive flesh v1.0
under se(a)cre(a)tion